Our Italian beauty is a vintage Piaggio Ape (Italian for Bee), who was born in Italy circa 1977 and worked like a busy little bee making deliveries. Her light little frame sits upon a three wheeled Vespa while she buzzes around at up to 35mph, navigating effortlessly through the urban landscape. After a 2018 make-over in the UK, where she rested, relaxed and received a new set of wheels, a light dusting of pearly white sparkle, some craftsman woodwork and four full taps, she is ready to roll into LA like the most popular girl in town.




Lena & Amanda, the duo behind Bubble Bliss, met in New York as fashion majors in college. Their shared passion for bubbles and beautiful things brought them full circle to Bubble Bliss when Lena was planning her wedding in 2018. Without a vintage Piaggio Ape in sight they decided to bring the vintage beauty over from the UK to give weddings, events and CA residents the bubbliest experience.

Lena’s background in wedding planning, event coordination and styling, coupled with Amanda’s sales, production and operations expertise make for a bubbly business partnership. California’s picturesque landscape and glorious weather make for a gorgeous backdrop for any event, indoor or outdoor and our little bee serves up the most delicious libations, a fabulous addition to your next event.